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Having experienced designer product procurement from both the buyer and provider sides, I was aware of the budget and timeline issues that could make a project difficult.


Because of this, Sabira is by design, a complete solution under one roof, providing the hospitality buyer with a simpler alternative to the frustrations of multi-provider engagements. 

Masoud Moradi

Owner/Creative Director


For us, the best designs begin with understanding your needs and your creative vision.

Every project... no matter how small... no matter how custom, starts with collaboration and discovery.

The best solutions are arrived at through listening and understanding your desires as a designer, your project budget, timeline and any other needs or specifications we need to consider once we begin formulating your decision.

Based on this, we may arrive at a convenient selection of designs from our extensive collections – or a completely custom design solution that provides you a distinctive and unique result.  


Unlike most of our competitors, once we've agree on a design direction for your project and procured the necessary textiles to complete it, fabrication begins – in-house.


We believe that in order to deliver the highest quality product, every detail should be meticulously controlled. Because of this we do our fabrication, no matter the order size in-house. The result is a simplicity of service not generally available in the interior and accessory design industry.

Our under-one-roof process not only ensures our products are the best available, it keeps your job simple, giving you a single point of contact and allowing you more collaborative input throughout your project.


Print - Embroidery - Applique - Beading - Sequins

If a custom solution is the answer, we'll work closely with you to identify and create a design or collection of designs to meet your needs. 

We know how limiting hospitality budgets can be and we are here to help achieve your design goals within any parameters.  

No matter what you're trying to convey through your design, Sabira Collection has the custom capabilities to meet your highest expectations. Whether you need a new design drafted from scratch, an existing design modified for your project, or a more cost effective solution for your client's budget, we have you covered. We will work with you every step of the way for turn-key production of any pillow, throw, seat cover, fabric yardage- whatever your design requires.

Over the years, we've had the privileged to work with many amazing designers and buyers representing the best names in the hospitality industry.